Friday, 16 March 2012

Pila Italy

Well here I am sitting in the hotel with a broken clavicle! Happened on day 4, just a silly tumble but came down heavily on my left shoulder. Got a ride on a Police skidoo with blue lights and siren to the nearest cable car, not quite worth it but, a bit of fun out of something that is now really painful. The doc says I will have to have it pinned when I get back to the UK. So A&E on Monday.

On the birding front we are at 6000 feet so few birds around, although we can here plenty when we are on the chairlifts in trees around us. We did spot some Crested Tits on one of our runs, have also seen Raven, a wood pecker but couldn't identify it. Around the hotel, I am surprised to see Swift and Martins, considering the snow although the weather is fabulous with temperatures up at 14 in Pila.

I have seen a bird I can't identify, so if anyone can help, (left the field guide at home!) it was slightly larger than a blackbird, black, with a white rump and white tips on tail was in the pines at about 7000 ft.

That'll do for now

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  1. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, hope all goes well when you are back home.

    Lovely birds you have seen, especially the Crested Tits. I can't help with the 'mystery bird', hope you get an ID eventually.