Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Inchcolm Island

 We did want to get out to the Isle of May this year, but just didn't get the opportunity before it was fully booked up. Then bird flu hit, so hopefully next year. As a compromise we booked a trip out to Inchcolm Island from South Queensferry in the hope of seeing some Puffins there.

However when we landed on the island, we found that the paths out to where the Puffins nest were sadly closed. Never mind! 😒

We had a nice time on the island anyway, there were lots of Gull chicks about:


And if there were lots of Gull chicks, there must be a lot of Gulls (Herring & Lesser Black Backed)

Even though we couldn't get to the part of the island where the Puffins were nesting, it doesn't mean we didn't see any:

Then there's always going to be Oystercatchers around:

It also appears Gnomes are quite common here too:

So a few scenic shots:

Saturday, 30 July 2022

More from around Grantown

 We visited Loch Garten mainly to see the Osprey, but also to have a look at the cameras on the Eagle nest. A bonus was a camera on a Goshawk nest. We did see an Osprey return to the nest from the visitor centre:

As you can see it's a fair distance away, but still awesome. We had hoped to see Crested Tits as well, they eluded us when we visited in February and they did so again. Having spoken to one of the RSPB volunteers about it, he said that at this time of year (June) they tend to stay in their territories and don't venture to the feeders at the visitor centre very often.... hey ho, next time!

Plenty of other birds around the visitor centre though:



and Treecreeper

A Spotted Flycatcher was seen in the woodland walk, plus all the common tits. 

Next stop was a visit to our favourite Ospreys a bit further down the A9:

We were then going to use the lovely hide at Loch Insh for lunch but sadly some *!*!* has recently burnt it down. 

On the drive home, we went the long way around, over the Lecht, through Braemar and over Glenshee. We were rewarded with this at the Lecht:

A White-tailed Eagle, I'm guessing this is one of the pair nesting at Loch Garten.

Followed by two Merlin Helicopters flying through the valley underneath the Eagle!

Finally from Braemar we drove the Old Military Road to the the base of Glenshee and came across a Curlew,

with a youngster, hiding in the grass (honest!)

That'll do for a summary of the trip.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Around Grantown on Spey

 Once we recovered from the dreaded Covid we booked a couple of nights away in Grantown, not quite the same as Lesvos, but there were a couple of things we wanted to do in the area. Firstly was to see the Polar Bear Cub at the Highland Wildlife Park:

Mission accomplished!

In addition to the captive wildlife, there were some birds about:
Willow Warbler,
and Barnacle Geese.
a Redshank was also seen on the muddy pools near the Tiger enclosure. (rubbish photo, so not posted!)

So other photos from the park:

That'll do for this post.... another Grantown post to follow!