Monday, 11 November 2013

Costa Rica - Part 3

The hotel where we staying had some Primary Rain Forest near by and our guide took us for a walk there one afternoon and it resulted in a mega sighting for us.

The walk was great, very hot and sticky though, so lots of insect repellent, the place was literally buzzing!

Our first great find was a pair of Crested Owls:

But these were trumped by a Great Potoo...

These were two birds that we never expected to see. If we had been on an dedicated birding holiday maybe, but to just stumble across them was fantastic and within 5 minutes of each other. All credit to our guides for finding them.

A little later on the walk we came across a Double-toothed Kite and a shy Sloth:

A great afternoon, especially as as we left the forest we flushed a Fasciated Tiger Heron! Didn't have the camera ready though!.

Apart from trips out as I said in the previous post the hotel grounds were great for wildlife, here are some more highlights:

Final part, to follow......................................................
Link to the photos: Costa Rica Photos


  1. Wow - awesome photos. I live in CR now, in the mountains of the central valley, and the variety of wildlife is incredible. Thanks for sharing your finds.

    1. Thanks Greg. Indeed a great variety of wildlife. Don't blame you for being up in the mountains in the Central Valley, much cooler up there!

  2. Wow! Crested owl and a potoo-some nice birds there! The Tiny Hawk is actually a Double-toothed Kite but that's a nice one too.

  3. Thanks again Pat. Trusted the guide on the Hawk and didn't cross check!