Monday, 11 November 2013

Costa Rica - Part 2

So before moving away from the coast, what else to report.
Our Hotel whilst there (Villa Lapas) was on the river which was only 50 yards from our room, sadly we were really only there to have breakfast and get out, usually getting back as it was getting dark, so despite the fantastic gardens and forest around us it was difficult to pick things up:
We did see, Northern Waterthrush, Great Kiskadee, Blue and Grey Tanager, Yellowish Flycatcher, Summer Tanager, Scarlet Macaw and Woodcreeper. On the non birding front, plenty of Iguana and J.C. Lizards

Blue Grey Tanager

Great Kiskadee

'Murky' Woodcreeper


Scarlet Macaw

Distant Summer Tanager taken through the coach window

After this it was a 4 hour drive up to our next hotel where we were stopping for 7 nights, near Meulle about 1 hour from the Arenal Volcano.

Our Hotel here had great gardens and was again on the river, after unpacking we went for a wander around to get our bearings. Seeing:
Spotted Sandpiper, Short Billed Dowitcher, Tanagers galore (Palm, Blue Grey, Golden Crowned, Passerinis), Northern Waterthrush, Woodcreeper, More Iguana, Ruddy Ground Dove......)

Over the next few days we made a few trips out to the Arenal Volcano area where we had a cable car ride over the rain forest, walked trails through the forest, visited the old Lava Flows and had a go on a zip wires across a valley over the forest which was awesome!

From these trips we added not a huge amount, but these are some of the highlights:
Grey Hawk


Montezuma Oropendola

White-throated Magpie Jay

Eyelash Palm Pitviper

Great-tailed Grackle

Wedge-billed Woodcreeper

Borad Billed |Motmot
The light was terrible and had nowhere to keep the camera still!

Rufous-tailed Jacamar

White-tailed Hawk

Part 3, to follow......................................................
Link to the photos: Costa Rica Photos


  1. The flycatcher is a Yellow-bellied but Murky Woodcreeper sounds like a good name for the first one! Might be a Cocoa but a bit too hard to tell. Second woodcreeper is definitely a Wedge-billed.

  2. Thanks Pat, yes I have the Yellow-bellied down in my list, haven't had time to update flickr yet and thanks for the Woodcreeper id