Monday, 25 November 2013

Eymore Wood & Trimpley Reservoir

Well another busy weekend with one thing and another, but we did manage to get out and zoom over to Eymore Wood in the vain hope of seeing the Crossbills there that everyone under the sun has seen except us! This visit was to prove no exception. We heard the little blighters but never saw them, well that's not strictlty true, we think we might have seen 4 whip across the trees and disappear but in the fading light we can't be certain and even so it wouldn't have been a good sighting!

We did have a quick walk down to the reservoir and sailing lake, just to see what was about. We picked up a nice pair of Goosander:

a few Tufted Duck:
There were a couple of Cormorant about:
A Grey Heron:
And for the last of the murky photos, a Great Crested Grebe:

There were plenty of Black-headed Gulls about, a few Canada Geese, a couple of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Mallard, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Robin, Crows and just by the lower car park a nice band of Long-tailed Tits.

So another visit still needed to bag our first English Crossbills..........................

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