Tuesday, 12 November 2013

RSPB Middleton Lakes - Starlings

We popped along to Middleton on Sunday afternoon primarily to see the starlings at dusk, so we arrived with just enough time to do the wetlands circular walk, including a couple of coffee stops. What we didn't allow for was the mud slowing us down.

We took a few photos from the hide, nothing spectacular but nice just the same:

So as the sun was setting we headed back for the Starlings, however they started a bit early and didn't murmurate (is that a verb?) for long before dropping down into the reeds. Someone needs to tell them that a murmuration should last at least 30 minutes. Thankfully I did get a couple of distance shots:

After they had settled we did see a couple of Sparrowhawks but the Starlings weren't bothered and refused to pop back up. So off back through the mud and to the car park pretty much in the dark.

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