Friday, 22 November 2013


I had to head down to Hounslow for a meeting yesterday, but I always look forward to a drive down the M40 if the weathers nice, just to see the Red Kites.

However on the way down the weather was awful, plus after traffic delays I had to keep the pace up to get to my meeting on time. Coming back though was a different story.  As I headed into the Kite zone the weather was perfect.  In all I counted 56 kites that flew over me or came close, (keeping my eyes on the traffic at all times of course!) Some of the views were spectacular, especially when I stopped at the Oxford services to use the facilities. One Kite was circling just above where I had parked... no camera with me so no pics I'm afraid!

All in all the return journey was very productive, large flocks of winter thrushes, Starlings, a couple of Buzzards, a couple of Kestrels, some Lapwing, a Pheasant, a field full of Swans, plus the usual Corvids and Gulls.


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