Tuesday, 24 April 2012

All Over the Place! 18th April

The Wednesday weather looked terrible, so we decided to have a drive around, possibly go to Dunster Castle and grab a pub lunch somewhere, but it didn't work out that way for various reasons!
We went to Brean Downs to have a look, when we got there the weather was lovely so we thought we might walk to the point after a wander on the beach (Tide was out as always!)

Nothing to exciting was seen, just Herring & LBB Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws, a Buzzard and 2 Shelducks waddling around in the mud!. Behind the cafe in the field were Linnet, Goldfinch & House Sparrows. We then thought we will walk up the point so went to the loo first, by the time we came out the sun had gone and the sky had turned black, shortly after the heavens opened and that was it for the day! So in the car and headed for Dunster. Anyway to cut a long story short by the time we found anywhere decent all the pubs had stopped serving so we grabbed the last 2 hot pasties from a village shop and drove to Kilve Beach and had a picnic in the car (Still belting down!) We decided to brave the weather and walk along the rocks and cliffs to see if anything was being blown in, but not a sausage, until we saw our first (Very brave) Rock Pipit of the year, but we enjoyed the walk.

We then drove to Minehead as it was now to late for Dunster Castle (picked up some hot chickens for our tea from Morrison's and used the facilities!) the drove to Dunster Beach and parked up for afternoon tea! Again we saw Shelducks (4), Linnet (30), Goldfinch and Mallard plus all the usual suspects.

We headed back stopping at Lilstock to see if any Sea Birds were about. Taking advantage of our Freelander we drove right to the shore line along some rough tracks, nothing to be seen though. Getting out the car was fun as the wind was so fierce we could hardly open the doors. On the way back we along the tracks we did see Pheasant and Buzzards.

That's it for this one!

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