Friday, 27 July 2012

Round and About

Well haven't had chance to post for a while as I've been under the weather in more ways than one!

So we haven't been far afield and as we enter the 'quiet time' as far as birds are concerned, we fall back on our National Trust membership. Mind you most NT properties come with great grounds and park land so you never know what you are going to see.

Last Sunday we had a ride down to Charlcote Park, near Warwick, it's one of favourite spots, with a Heronry, plenty of Fallow Deer to wander among, and who knows what else!

We also managed a trip to the Lavendar Farm at Snowshill, not much wildlife apart from Swallows, Swifts and a low flying Great Spotted Woodpecker, but the fields are worth seeing:

I finally managed to get to Haden Hill on Thursday lunch time, the firs walk around there for a couple of months! Again very quiet on the bird front, a Heron on the lower pool:
was the only photo of note, but whilst standing taken his photo, I spotted my first Kingfisher at Haden Hill, followed quickly by a second! Too quick to get the camera aimed, but never mind, a chap passing by stopped for a chat and asked me if I'd seen the Kingfishers, he then told me they have been there for years! First I'd heard of them, but you learn something new every day!

I did try photographing a spectacular red Dragonfly, without much success, having to use manual focus and track it was too much for my little brain! This is the best that I managed:
I then wandered around the NR, but nothing of note, a distant Buzzard was the highlight.

Our garden is still proving the best bet, with regular visits of Bull, Green and Gold finches, plus all the other usual suspects.

Don't know if we will get out this weekend, we'll have to see!

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