Tuesday, 21 August 2012

.... and Youngsters in the Garden!

Blogs must be like buses. wait for ages then 2 come along one after the other.

Even though we haven't been out and about much the garden has been busy. During the Olympics we achieved our first ever garden lifer! We were sitting outside having a brew in between olympic events when two Warblers alighted in our blossom tree. We quickly realised what they were and got 'the books' to check. Two Garden Warblers!! Another one of those pesky birds that has eluded us for so long! Sadly no photos as I didn't have a camera handy and they only waited long enough for me to look them up!

We now have a semi resident juvenile Jay, it's in most days having a go at the peanuts. It has been interesting to watch it's progress. It first turned up with a parent who went to get the nuts and feed it, but now it comes on its own:
About 2 Weeks ago

We have also had juvenile Robin, Goldfinch, Blue Tits and Great Tits, the Robin and Goldfinch being the most obliging:

Then yesterday we were invaded by a mob of Long-tailed Tits:

Sri Lanka...... 27 Days and counting........

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