Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bournville Park & Brook

For a change I have being working out of our office in Bournville on and off the past couple of weeks, so with no longer being used to working with loads of people all the time I have taken the opportunity to have a couple of lunch time walks from Cadburys along the Bournerbook through Bournville Park and out to the model boating lake at Bournville Lane.

Today's walk was quite interesting with a couple of surprises.

The park provided me with a first for the year, 2 Goldcrests jumping around the branches of a tree overhaning the brook, so that was a great start to a very cold walk. Otherwise the park revealed the usual suspects, Great Tit, Blackbird, Woodpigeon, Magpie and Crow, although on my first walk last week I did pick up a Wren as well.

So on to the lake, as usual there was a host of Black-headed Gulls (100ish), Mallard a plenty, but amongst them was a solitary Male Tufted Duck, never seen one on there before. There were also quite a few Canada Geese feeding on the few open patches of grass, but on the lake a solitary Greylag was tootling about.

There wasd also a single Juvenile Mute Swan, still lots of grey plumage, surprised to see it on its own.
The only other birds to trouble the scoreboard were Moorhen, Coot and a Lesser Black Backed Gull.

So an intersting 30 minutes brisk walk, much to cold to hang about!

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