Friday, 28 June 2013

Upton Warren Yet Again!

Following on from the previous post, we knew that the Little Ringed Plover chicks were due any time and as the weather looked good for Wednesday and we had nothing else to get in the way, we planned to pop down to Upton that evening and just see if nature had taken it's course.

I saw on Tuesday on Birds Forum that it had so off we went..  When we got to the Avocet Hide, one LRP chick was out and showing well. We did learn that there had been two chicks but a Black Headed  Gull had taken the other. So bearing in mind that this is tiny and a distance away, here are a couple of snaps..

So mission accomplished, but there was always more to see in the evening sunshine, the Oystercatcher chicks were showing well as well:

And you can never have too many photos of Avocets, I took loads and have picked two at random to put here, if you want to see more have a look at the Upton Warren 2013 link in the 'Gallery' page.

We had some Goldfinch thinking that they are waders!
We did try and pick up the Little Owls over at the farm, we had been told where to look and through the bins we could say a small lump sitting on top of a tree, but it was just to far to make out, I had taken the scope, but that wasn't much use either... we need to buy a decent one! I tried a photo and pulled it in, you could tell there was something there but you couldn't see what, so we know it was a Little Owl as we talked to some others in the car park later, but we aren't claiming that we saw it.

So off to the Moors.....................
We had a nice chat in the Moors Car Park where a nice couple showed us there pics of the Owl (they had managed to get closer), then off to the concrete for 20 minutes and a cuppa, before home and tea!

The light was getting very low now, so the photo's aren't great, but a nice Tufted Duck family came past the hide:

and a Pochard give a little stretch:

So a very pleasant couple of hours was had. Lots's to see, a Gorgeous Wife to sit with, nice people to chat to and a sunny evening, wish we could do it every day.

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