Friday, 26 July 2013

On yer Bike! Warrens Hall NR & The Garden

Well haven't posted for a while been a bit busy with one thing and another.

Nothing much to report, I did a quick cycle up to Warrens Hall Wednesday, really to check my bike out as it needs some work doing, but I took the camera with me anyway in the backpack, just in case.

I investigated Bumble Hole, but nothing apart from Mallard and Black Headed Gulls:
I had a bit of a ride around but only saw Coot, Moorhen, House Sparrows and a few Swift flying around, so headed back, a Hybridish mallard was displaying so I took a few pics, just because!

The Garden is also quiet, the Goldfinches and Blue Tits are still visiting regularly along with House Sparrows, Woodpigeon, Blackbirds and Magpies. The Great Tits and Greenfinches are less frequent now.

We had a pair of Magpies nesting in our Leylandii and the youngster was a frequent visitor, sadly I found him in a sorry state on Tuesday, he didn't fly off when I approached. He did walk though behind the shed and out of harms way. Then yesterday he was in a terrible state, I would see near death and being pecked at by one of the adults, although it didn't seem vicious, more like trying to get it to get up.

When I took a break from work later it was still there sitting in the middle of the garden in the blazing sun. So I put some gardening gloves on and picked it up and put it in the shade. By the evening though it had died. I'm not fond of Magpies but very sad.

So to lighten the mood how about some Butterfly pics:

Until next time....

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