Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bittern-ly Disappointed at Upton Warren!

Stuck working on Tuesday and the weather was decent, then watching the forums, as you do, well I do anyway, I saw that a Bittern had turned up at Upton, so looked at my workloads and thought with a fair wind I could get done by 4, so checked with Tina to see if she was up for it,  as we haven't seen one so far this year and we had a plan!

So we got away and arrived at Upton about twenty to five, Sadly the Bittern wasn't aware of our plan and according to the others around it had disappeared into the reeds not to be seen again. We normally don't 'twitch' but as it's only 25 minutes away, it was worth taking a chance.

Luckily the Water Rail gave us some glimpses and two Kingfishers shot past, I didn't see them but everyone else did! I was trying to sort my camera out which was doing strange things, then packed up completely! Disaster.... as we are off to Costa Rica next week!

So back to birds, the usual was about on the Moors, with Shoveler and Little Grebe showing particularly well. A couple of Herons kept disturbing the Gulls so they were getting up en-mass quite a lot. The Cormorants were very active and a Kestrel did a fly by. We stayed a couple of hours until it was getting gloomy but the Bittern wasn't going to come out, so off home.

So no pictures to add to the post today, I took my camera into Halesowen and was told at least £150 as the Mirror control unit was bust! Plus time to order the parts, so no chance for getting it fixed by Wednesday next week. So as a new body wasn't that much more than the repairs, it had to be ordered, should have it Friday!

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