Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Brancaster Staithe & Titchwell RSPB

So another day......

A quick drop in at Brancaster on the way to Titchwell on a nice sunny day, so a few pics there to start the day off:

Then on to Titchwell, it's difficult to choose what photos to put on the blog from here, it was such a brilliant day. We started off with some Scaup on the 'new' lagoon, but they were to far to photograph even for a record shot, so we didn't tarry there and headed back to the visitor centre and proceed along the walk towards the beach stopping at the hides along the way, hoping that we might see Bearded Tits, but despite plenty of reed scanning none showed themselves. So this species is still on the list of, " We don't really believe the bird exists, all the reports and photos are pure fiction!" Crossbills in England used to be on this list but we were finally proved wrong a while ago.

Anyway on with what we did see. Where do I start. I suppose with a highlight amongst ducks, some Pintail:
But then there were some really smart Shoveler too:
and you can't leave Teal out either:
or Gadwall for that matter:
Then theres the Waders, I have to start with Avocet, I know living south of Birmingham we are spoilt by the Avocets at Upton Warren, but they are still fantastic birds and have to start the list:
second place goes to a Bar-tailed Godwit:
followed by these two Knot:
Moving away from waders, this comorant definitley had eyes bigger than his belly:
there was no way he was going to get this Eel down, we watched it for about 15 minutes, trying to swallow it, but he gave up in the end. So what else? A little Grebe showed quite well for a spell:
And now for another lifer for us a Grey Plover:

And then some more Avocets....

 And a few waders to finish off
 Plus another Pintail
So endeth the afternoon at Titchwell

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