Sunday, 20 April 2014

Upton Warren Last Week

Since I have 'retired' I don't seem to have time to keep the blog up to date! We are to busy doing things! So this is another catch up attempt, starting with a trip to Upton, recently mainly to see the Avocets.

We decided just to go to the flashes and see what we could see, with as I said the Avocets being the main goal, so here's our first Avocet snaps of the year:

Then for the spring aaaah factor a mallard with 13 ducklings:

The Little Ringed Plovers never came close enough for a really good photo, but this will do for now:
There were plenty of Shelduck about:

Disappointingly there were no other waders about, apart from a very distant Curlew that eventually flew off, we were hoping at least for some Sandpipers or even Redshank, but we had to make do with a Pied Wagtail instead:

So not a big list for the briefish visit, but the main objective of the Avocets was achieved, so home time, then as we walked back we made another year first, a Willow Warbler singing his head off:

So a lovely couple of hours all in all!

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