Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ramsey Island in May

The final post for our quick trip to Wales. As we were so close to Ramsey and being RSPB members it would have been rude not to visit. We were able to book this one in advance which you can't do for the day trips to Skomer, so there was no queuing, although we did underestimate how long it would take us to pick up the tickets (from St Davids) and then get to the St Davids RNLI Boat Station where the RSPB boat went from, but we made it in plenty of time.

The 10 minute crossing was very smooth with a mid point stop for a Porpoise:
We the carried on to Ramsey for another wonderful round island walk in beautiful weather.

The highlight this time apart from the magnificent scenery were the Chough, we had plenty of sightings through out the day, but very difficult to catch on camera. One Gannet did come fairly close though:
There were plenty of Skylarks about:
and Seals could be seen all around the coast of the island:
Wheatear were abundant:
As well as Stonechat:
The Seabirds were more difficult to see on Ramsey than Skomer and despite being only a few miles apart there are no Puffins on Ramsey due to a previous rat infestation, that has now been sorted, so the RSPB are putting out Puffin models to try and tempt them back.

A couple of the great views:

And for all the snaps:
Ramsey Island May 2014

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