Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sandwell Valley Again!

Tina was taking her Mom to the Theatre this afternoon, so I went off to Sandwell Valley for a couple of hours, nothing much to add to the last visit apart from a Pintail and a few extra photos.

I did manage to get in the hide though, it was open so at least I could have a sit down in the warm, well not freezing, and have a coffee and a chat with the friendly Volunteers. So here are a few snaps from today, again the light wasn't great and it got murkier as the afternoon went on:
Tufted Duck:
 Grey Squirrel:
 Great Tit:



  1. A great selection of birds. I haven't done Sandwell Valley for a number of years now...perhaps I should pop back at some point!

    1. Cheers Jason. It's not a bad place, it's not Upton! But always worth a walk around.