Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Around Aberaeron

Following our day at Ynys Hir we were watching the local news that evening and saw an item about Dolphins in Cardigan Bay, so we decided to head down to New Quay on the following morning after breakfast.

We decided to just go for an hours trip and managed to get on an 11am boat. Of course no Dolphins were seen but it was a lovely hour out in the un-forecasted sunshine. There were a few birds about although the cliff nesting sights were empty with the Guillemots, Razorbills long gone. We did see some birds though, Fulmar, Shag, Kittiwake, Gulls and some patrolling Gannets. A couple of Atlantic Grey Seals did show themselves plus on top of that it gives a great view of the wonderful coastline.

After the boat trip we decided to explore the coast a bit and were looking for a way to get close to the National Trust Dolphin Watching Shelter but instead ended up in a delightful little cove that we had seen from the boat, this was called, Cwmtydu, how that is pronounced is anyones guess, so if there are any welsh speakers out there some tips would be appreciated! Anyway it was a lovely coffee stop and we chilled out for a while getting the directors chairs out of the car and scanning the sea for any passing Dolphins, again they were elsewhere.

As we left Cwmtydu we headed up a country lane into a heavily wooded area, suddenly from nowhere, there was a Goshawk flying along the lane ahead of our car! It kept pace with us right in front of the windscreen for about 15-20 seconds, then turned into the trees, turning in and out of them in true Goshawk style before disappearing, brilliant.

Next stop was the nearby National Trust property of Llanerchaeron where we first had lunch (and coffee) before going for a river walk through the woods. Within a few minutes we spotted a Dipper doing what Dippers do before it shot off down the river Aeron and away from us, another good find. The trail we wanted to follow was closed due to nesting birds with a sign saying it would open again on the 1st September. Some advance notice of the closure would have been good as we then had to back track and find another route.

Bird life was very sparse in the woods, we had hoped to find Treecreeper and Nuthatch, but no luck with those, the only 'new' bird for the trip was a Coal Tit. However luckily just before we left the river and headed back towards the car park we did find a Grey Wagtail. Very nice.

So after the NT walks we drove down to Aberaeron and had a look around the harbour and went for a walk along the sea front.
The pretty harbour only contained Herring and Blach-headed Gulls, plus some foraging Starlings. The sea front walk added some Oystercatcher, Jackdaw and a Curlew to our list for the day.

So a great couple of days with lots of variety. The Redstart, Osprey, Goshawk and Dipper being the highlights. We would certainly go back and explore some more, but when, it's tough fitting in everything we would like to do!

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