Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ayr Airshow

Another chance was taken to see the Vulcan before she retires. As we were in Scotland anyway even though we were on the east coast, we hauled ourselves over to the west coast on Saturday morning and plonked ourselves down on the beach for the Scottish Airshow at Ayr. We sat down just in time for the RAF Typhoon to start its display. Sadly I was eating a bacon sandwich, well not sad at all really as I was starving and the bacon sandwich was delicious! What I mean is with my hands full of sandwich I was in no position to take photos. So in this case the priority was food!

So here are some photos that I did take:

For the rest go to:
All the pics!

We did see some birds as well, of course plenty of Gulls about (Herring, Lesser Black Backed, Black Headed, some Oystercatcher on the distant shoreline, a flock of Brent Geese passed through and a flight of Eider which surprised me. There were some small waders about but at the time to distant to identify.

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