Friday, 2 October 2015

Warrens Hall NR & The Canal

Business as usual resumed!  We didn't feel like getting in the car and going anywhere so we left the house and walked the couple of miles along the canal to Warrens Hall NR & Bumble Hole.

The weather was great although on the way we didn't see much, just what you would expect, Coot, Moorhen and Mallard, with the odd Black-headed Gull swooping by. Once we arrived at Warrens Hall we sat on 'our' bench and had a coffee, looking for what was about, not much as it happens but these usual suspects looked good in the sunshine:

We walked on over the canal to Bumble Hole, it was quite busy with a small flotilla of Tufted Duck:
There were also a few Little Grebe about:
A Grey Heron put in a brief visit but quickly disappeared.

We continued our walk but birds were in short supply! We did come across some Coal Tit, but apart from them it was mostly Pigeon and Magpie, with the odd Crow thrown in. We started heading back and stopped for a final coffee by the fishing lake, just to enjoy the sunshine and watch the Moorhens and Coots going about their business.

At this point a Buzzard turned up always a welcome sight:
He lingered for a while circling as they do before heading off over the trees behind us. So we walked back along the canal heading home, with only a Robin and House Sparrows bothering the scoreboard.

That is until we were only a 100 yards from home when this chap came out of nowhere and flew off just as quickly, I did manage to point the camera in the air and bang off a couple of shots as it flew through, oh forgot to say it's a Sparrowhawk:
So a nice couple of hour spent strolling in the early Autumn sunshine, just think we could have been it at work!

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