Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Our Ospreys

As I said at the end of the last post, we were travelling to Edinburgh before heading home to the Black Country, this was to spend a few days visiting our lovely daughter.

On the way we popped in to see our Ospreys. I want post the location here, but suffice to say it's somewhere between Aultbea and Edinburgh! These Ospreys never let us down and we always pop along to see them if they are not too far off our route.

As always, and long may it continue, they delivered the goods, just as we arrived and got the flasks out the male returned with a fish. It took a while for him to give it to the female as he was harassed by two buzzards, then a crow, he eventually saw them off but circled for a while before alighting in a tree next to the nest. After a few minutes he was up again and took the fish to his spouse, whereupon she moved to the neighbouring tree for 'lunch' and he settled onto the nest.

He are a few dodgy photos of the event:
This is the female enjoying lunch,
The male on approach,

Swap over:

Very privileged!

So that is our Scottish wildlife trip caught up with. The next post will be about our trip to Lesvos for the spring bird migration, that Thomas Crook tried it's hardest to spoil! But that IS another story that I won't add to the blog.

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