Friday, 29 July 2016

Charlecote Park Again!

We went with our good friends Tim & Wendy to Charlecote Park yesterday, mainly for a catch up and walk, but of course even at this time of year there are birds about, in fact much better than our last visit a couple of weeks ago.

This time the Swallows were buzzing around like mad things just6 inches off the ground, fattening themselves up on any flying insect before migrating back to Africa in a few weeks time. The House Martins were busy too but much higher up. Both were much too nippy for me to get a photo.

While we had a coffee on one of the picnic benches by the river we had distant views of some Herons over in the Heronry,
only three were showing plus a single Cormorant. The River had a couple of Reed Bunting darting backwards and forwards and a Kingfisher was spotted a couple of times.

After coffee we went for a walk over the river and quickly spotted a couple of Green Woodpecker up in a distant tree,

just above them in the branches were what looked like a family of Spotted Flycatcher, even with the binoculars we weren't a 100% sure, but the overall look and behaviour suggested that they were.

There were plenty of Deer about on both sides of the park, with Stags looking very majestic now:

The feeders near the house were busy with Great, Blue and Coal Tit, plus this very young Robin:

Out in thge grounds the usual suspects were also seen, Woodpigeon, Magpie, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard and Mute Swan, sadly no birds of prey today which was unusual. Biggest bonus of all though was that it stayed dry for the whole afternoon.

A great day out again!

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