Tuesday, 15 November 2016

An Upton Warren Afternoon - 10/11/16

A lovely few hours were spent at Upton last Thursday, a bit late posting this but we have been too busy enjoying ourselves and haven't had time to catch up!

So we started at the Moors and went to the Lapwing Hide overlooking Amy's Marsh, as we entered the hide we didn't even have time to sit down as a Kingfisher turned up and gave us a show:

Just wish it had turned to face us, but you can't have everything!
As the Kingfisher was sitting on its branch a Little Egret walked by
a great start to our afternoon.
There were plenty of Teal about
 and a few Snipe hiding,
 and at least three Grey Heron around the pools.
Lots of Cormorant and Shoveler were about too. We stayed for about an hour, but as the sun was coming around and would make it difficult to see through the glare we decided to pop over to the Flashes and see what was there.
We had good views of a Snipe feeding near the Avocet hide, he was one of 6 or 7 mooching around.
 A couple of Buzzards were causing a stir over the far side of the flashes, this one took something up onto a post for a late lunch.
 Not that they bothered the Lapwings much, they were content to stand and sun themselves.
Again after an hour or so we headed back to the Moors and decided to stay until dusk on the off chance of an Otter. But no such luck, We did get a flight of Curlew passing through, some Mute Swans with Cygnets arrive and a fleeting glimpse of a Water Rail.
As the sun went down and lit up the Moors it did look stunning:

A lovely afternoon

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