Friday, 7 April 2017

Afternoon Stroll at Haden Hill

I can't believe that it is over 2 months since we last went to Haden Hill and I did the last post about our walk. But with limited time we spent a couple of hours there on Wednesday afternoon in lovely sunshine. The walk got off to a very quiet start, last time on the first bit of the walk we had seen Goldcrest, Treecreeper and Nuthatch, but not this time. Of course there was plenty of spring singing going on, roughly translated as 'Look at me!' This coming mainly from Blue & Great Tits, Chaffinch and Robin, with Blackbird adding to the chorus.

Eventually when we moved away from the paths to the top of the reserve things got a bit busier, with our first 2017 sighting of Willow Warbler, although they wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo.

Goldfinch and a single Bullfinch put in an appearance, before I spotted a Nuthatch on a distant dead tree,

There were a couple of Starlings gathering nesting material, one took the opportunity to have a breather and pose for the camera.

A chap we spoke to told us he had seen a Kingfisher down at the pool but no sign of it when we looked, never mind. A nice couple of hours, with 23 species seen, not too shabby!

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