Monday, 31 December 2012

Very Very Quiet & Happy New Year

Well it's been very quiet on the birding front due to Christmas, lots of family commitments and an unexpected bereavement that resulted in Tina making a flying visit to Cape Town, so no time to get out anywhere since we last went to Upton.

The Garden has been very quiet as well with nothing out of the ordinary, although there has been a Sparrowhawk about on a couple of occasions flying down our street and over our local pub! The Black-headed Gulls seem unusually active, again around the pub.
Archive Photo of the Pub a couple of years ago!

Anyway a Happy New Year to our Reader!


  1. I suppose the B H Gulls are after a free meal!

    Happy New Year to you Tina and Tom!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Pam
    Yes the food at the Waterfall isn't bad, but I guess the BHGs could be Camra members! The ale is pretty good!

    Happy New Year