Thursday, 6 December 2012

Upton Warren Waxwing Vigil!!

Even though we had only come back from Norfolk the day before and had loads to do, we decided after seeing the forums to chance a visit to UW to see if the waxwings were still about.

We arrived and parked at Webbs as we saw quite a few folk around with scopes, cameras and bins. This was about 2.30, after parking up I collared the nearest Birder to see what was occuring (as Ness would say!) Anway the answer was nothing they had departed about 9am and hadn't been seen since!

We then flitted between Webbs and the Sailing Club car park, we had great sightings of 2 Kingfishers at the Sailing Club and the Great Crested Grebe are always worth looking at, so took a couple of pics to pass the time!

We were just about to give up and go home when we noticed a bit of activity at the SC Car Park some Waxwings had been spotted on a tree behind the Church at Upton Warren.
A kind soul let us view through his scope as I hadn't brought ours, we then decided what the heck, picked the car up from Webbs and drove over to the Church, the Waxwings were still there in the field behind the Church dropping down from the tree to pick some berries out of a bush. We then noticed some people entering the field along the Public Footpath, so we did the same and get a little closer, but they then had had enough and winged it up the A38! I didn't bother with the Camera as it was very murky and dark.

Almost felt like a twitcher!


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