Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Chickfest Warren

As we had a really busy weekend sorting the garden out, we decided that as soon as Tina got home from work yesterday, we would pop down the M5 to Upton and see the chicks, as we know we won't get chance to get there otherwise for a few weeks. What busy lives we lead!

So we parked up at the Sailing Club. As I was getting the 'gear' out of the car, I saw I had made a classic "Schoolboy Error" the SD card hatch on my camera was open and the slot was empty! The card was sitting safely in my PC after I had copied over the photos from Haden Hill last week and I hadn't brought any of the spares out with me! Oh well for once no pressure on getting decent pictures for the blog!

A shame though as the Avocet chicks were showing brilliantly near the hide. We counted 14 in the end. Still at least you won't have to go Ahh! The Black Headed Gull chicks were also showing well, it amazing to think that those spotty fluff balls turn into BHGs.

We were then treated to a walk past by a couple of Canada Geese with a single Gosling. So apart from the chicks at the Flashes, there was plenty of Little Ringed Plover activity, they where whizzing about all over the place. I think there may have been 6, but because they were moving around so much it was difficult to keep track. The Avocet adults were being very aggressive as is normal for them, anything that came close was dived on, be it a BHG, Goose or Shelduck. I think the only bird they weren't perturbed about were the Plovers. I think they were sticking to the usual bird adage of, 'If it's bigger than you, attack it!"

So after a while we decided to pop over to the Moors.
Here the 'Chickfest' continued with Cygnets, Ducklings and some very very distant Great Crested Grebe Chicks. From the birds forum we know there are some Oystercatcher chicks, but they never showed themselves.

The other great spectacle at the Moors were the huge number of Swifts picking up insects over the lake, we had some great views as the swooped in front of the hide. Sadly no sign of the Little Owls about, had fingers crossed for that, still waiting for our first sighting of them this year.

So off home for tea......

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