Monday, 16 September 2013

Croome Park NT

Well Saturday was scheduled for a nice walk whilst the weather was decent. We elected to head for Croome Park as it has a large estate with river and small lakes, so who knows what you might see along the way!  We arrived about 1ish, we knew that there was a lot going on there this weekend as part of the grounds encompasses the old RAF Defford site, that was used for the testing of that new fangled Radio Detection and Ranging system developed prior to our altercation with our European neighbours, I believe the youth of today call it Radar! Anyway lots of vintage vehicles, people dressed up in uniforms etc. There were a couple of flypasts scheduled for the morning we knew we'd miss them as we wanted a lie in!

So we set off for a nice walk, plenty of House Martins (watched them on our first coffee stop) about fattening themselves up over the fields, Mute Swans and Mallards were about on the ponds, but not much else:

We left the formal grounds and immeadiatley had a Kestrel fly past our noses landing some way away on an electricity pole:
We continued our walk through the fields and along the river, lots of crows and woodpigeons were in evidence. The after a while we came to another pool with a pond at the end and a bench. So coffee stop number two. We were rewarded here with 2 Peregrines circling over us quite high, plus it had clouded over, so apologies for the poor shots:

The whilst drinking thye well earned coffee a Kingfisher flashed past, sadly Tina didn't really see it.

So onwards and heading back along the river towards the house adding a Pied Wagtail.

Then came the star of the show:

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