Monday, 20 January 2014

A Great Walk, but..........

Looking at the weather forecast, Sunday was looking good, so we went to the flicks Saturday afternoon and off to the Wyre Forest on Sunday looking for Crossbills and the Two-Barred in particular. Using the info from the Bird Forum and Worcestershire Birding I printed off a map of where the Two-Barred Crossbills were last seen.

We parked up and headed off into the forest, the conditions underfoot were terrible, glad we had boots and gaiters, it was really hard work in places on the bridleways. We eventually go up to the clear area at Postensplain and saw absolutely nothing! We decided to be patient and have a coffee and wait but apart from another chap searching for Crossbills who we had a chat to that was it. We did however here a Goshawk calling, just couldn't find it though. We did see some Woodpigeon and a Robin or two and whilst walking up there though we definitely heard Crossbills in the trees but couldn't find them. Oh well that's life, we headed back down following the clearing for the electricity cables all the way done back to one of the tracks and had fun scrambling over brooks and down embankments! As we got to the bottom we heard a Goshawk again but it refused to show. Eventually got back to the car, via another coffee stop, covered in mud but had a good time.

We then popped over to Eymore Wood before dark on the way back home, just for a Cuppa and on the off chance that there might be something about. Again very little about but we did get our first Song Thrush of the year, so that was good.

When we got home looked on the the West Midlands Sightings for the day and looks like we missed the Two-barred Crossbills up at Postenplains by about an hour! Oh well let's see what next weekend brings and perhaps this time I will put my memory card in the camera instead of leaving it in the slot of our PC! Hence the distinct lack of photos on this blog!

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