Monday, 27 January 2014

Charlecote Park

Decided to go for a change this weekend and take opportunity of what was forecasted to be the only semi-decent weather on Saturday and went for a walk around the estate of Charlecote Park (National Trust)

We drove down the M40 in sunshine and parked up at Charlecote, but by the time we were on the estate the weather was already turning but what the heck! We're 'hard' we can take it!

Setting off down the drive we were immediately greeted by some Fallow Deer Bucks having a chill out:
We continued down the drive and to the house where we stopped for our first coffee stop overlooking the river before venturing out. We have never see the river this high, but that's not surprising considering our current weather. So suitably refreshed and after making a purchase in the NT Shop we set out into what was now a pretty gloomy landscape. Underfoot was decidedly boggy but onwards.........

Our first bird sighting was a large flock of Redwings flitting from tree to tree as we approached, never letting us get close. so this is the best I could manage:
We walked around the edge of the estate up to the Jacob's Sheep that were being kept separate from the rest over the other side of the park:
Our next bird encounter was a Great Spotted Woodpecker showing quite well:
Then within a minute a Green Woodpecker:
We were just trying to get a bit closer using the surrounding trees as cover, but didn't get chance as it was spooked by this Buzzard:
Never mind.... So onwards, the weather was looking more threatening as we went on, so we took a small shortcut to an old avenue of trees where there was bit of shelter and plenty of Deer too. It was a good job we did as moments later a thunder storm with hail hit. I know trees aren't the best place to shelter in a storm but there were lots of them, so to be hit would be extremely unlucky!  We stayed pretty dry under there and waited until the storm had passed, so took a few more photos of Deer whilst were sheltering and having another coffee of course!

Another (or same!) Green Woodpecker turned up in the distance
So once the hail and lightning stopped we headed back to the house for a comfort stop. The weather then brightened up so instead of heading back to the car we did the other side of the estate instead!

We picked up some overflying Cormorant and a solitary Fieldfare before another Buzzard (same again perhaps) put in an appearance:
Nothing much after that, stopped for a cup of tea under the large parasols by the tea room and we were entertained by a Robin or two:
and a perched Kestrel some distance away:
A cracking afternoon out!

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