Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Week in Lesvos - Part 3 - Bittern-tastic

Our final day in Lesvos saw us relaxing and taking it easy, it was a bit cold though to swim or sit around the pool, so we went for a walk. Now just 5 minutes from our hotel Skala Kalonis was a good little wetland area, so we toddled on down for a morning stroll and to see what was about.

We had been told that a Bittern was showing well, but we didn't expect it to show this well! This is a small selection of the 200+ photos that I took of the chap:

It was a fantastic sighting, we have tried and tried in the UK to find Bittern with some success at Ham Wall in Somerset and Strumpshaw Fen in Norfolk, but nothing like this. We went to the marsh twice that day, we couldn't resist and he was as obliging both times.

It was easy to ignore the other birds as he gave such a show, but for the record here are few others:
Crested Lark,
 Glossy Ibis,
 Gull-billed Tern,
 Purple Heron,
 Little Bittern

So that's pretty much it, we loved the whole thing so much that we are definitely going back, maybe even next year. If you would like to see a few more Bittern poses,
go to this link: Bittern at Skala Kalonis don't worry it's not all 200!

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  1. Another 'Wow' from me! A splendid read and great images! I especially like the Glossy Ibis pics, great to see their plumage in a good light.

    I hope to visit Lesvos sometime in the future so maybe these blog posts will be read again by me if I decide on a trip there.

    Thanks for sharing what sounds a great trip you enjoyed!