Sunday, 26 July 2015

Another Walk along the Canal near Kinver

We set off on Wednesday for a walk from Stourton to Kinver and a bit beyond with the promise of a nice sandwich at the Vine for lunch. The weather was ideal not too sunny although as you might expect in July the birdlife wasn't that abundant and the undergrowth from the canal towpath prevented any clear views of the river. We paused at the usual Goldcrest spots but nothing today!

The only regulars in the normal spots were the Moorhens and Mallards, but we did get good views of a Green Woodpecker whilst having coffee on the only bench between our car and Kinver.

A nice sighting was this Grey Wagtail that showed very well at Hyde Cottage:

Whilst having lunch at the Vine (and a very fine 'real' ham and mustard sandwich was had) we had fleeting views of a Sparrowhawk and a Buzzard but that was it. The most unusual bird of the day was the domestic Guineafowl in one of the gardens about a mile further on from Kinver! (Doesn't count of course)

Otherwise it was only regular garden birds about until we saw a Blackcap on the way back to the car,

So another great walk with a few decent sightings.

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