Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cosford Airshow 2015

After a hectic June I have finally found some time to catch up with a the blog. I will start by going heavy metal and my yearly indulgence of adding some metal (and wooden!) birds to the post for this year. At the moment this may be our only airshow this year, although you never know!

So onto the airshow, a very cloudy and sometimes dark but mostly dry day made for a great day out, although this made photography somewhat more difficult. The star of the day and any airshow for that matter is the Vulcan so lets start with that and a poor video done with my DSLR and a heavy 500mm lens making tracking a bit tough, but that's what you get for leaving the video camera at home!
And some stills:

As this is really a wildlife blog I won't put to many pics on here just a few highlights, but you can find the rest by clicking: here

Some of the rest:!

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