Saturday, 18 June 2016

Back to Upton Warren at last!

We have been so busy travelling around and enjoying ourselves that we have seriously neglected our 'local' reserves, particularly the best and that's Upton Warren, so after work last Thursday, yes we still do some of that, we took ourselves down there for the afternoon, as usual it was marvellous, we had our first look at this years Avocets and chicks:
Proud parent with two very young chicks,
 Dad stands guard while Mom looks after the eggs,
 Little Mr independent,
 yes the eggs are fine now keep the warm and settle down.

Young Lapwing were about too:
This one ventures off,
 but there's always a parent standing guard.
The Shelduck ducklings are very independent, but Mom & Dad have just turned up.
These two Black-headed Gull chicks have found somewhere to hang out away from all the others.
Elsewhere on the reserve the Goslings seem to be doing very well.
So just a few other pics, Dunnock,
 Greenfinch & Bullfinch,
 Blue Tit,
 Reed Bunting.

As Arnie would say, we'll be back... soon!

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