Friday, 13 January 2012

Stress Management

Sometimes you can get a bit bogged down with just hoping that you will come across a new species to add to your list, you then get disappointed when you see the same species over and over again, particularly when roaming around your local patch.

As it happens the past few days at work have been a bit stressful to say the least with things going pear shaped (I work in I.T. and the current project turned into a bit of a nightmare!) Anyway I just had to have a break, so I went to Haden Hill yesterday and yes the species list is more or less the same as usual, but just watching for a change was a delight and completely took my mind off things.

Watching a Buzzard scaring the Woodpigeons was great, he was swooping from tree to tree and every time the Woodpigeons in that tree went beserk!
Long Tailed Tits put on a great display flitting from bush to bush, hanging upside down from the branches, it was great to watch.
A Great Spotted Woodpecker was busy making his way around one of the trees, drilling away.
The usual cast of characters were there, no tree creeper today, but you can't have everything.
So went back to work in a much better frame of mind. I can recommend whole heartedly a bit of birding for stress management.

The plan this weekend is to pay a first visit to Kingsbury, perhaps we will get a good view of a Smew, who knows, but does it really matter, just being there is the thing. (I'll see if I still believe that after the weekend, when someone tells me I have missed the Smew again by 5 minutes!)

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