Sunday, 29 January 2012

Eymore Wood 29/01/12

Been a busy weekend as usual, but was having a peruse of some of the other local bloggers and came across a post by Shenstone Birder about Crossbills at Eymore Wood. Now Crossbills have been eluding us for some time. We caught a brief glimpse of a female up in Scotland near Loch Garten last spring, but that's it, so far. So when we saw this post from last Tuesday, we had to give it a shot.

So having done shopping and jobs around the house whilst we had lovely weather on Saturday, we set out Sunday in low cloud and mist, great!! We have never been to Eymore before, but found it no problem and parked up at the top car park. So out came the flask of coffee, and we hung around for a while, we then heard the unmistakeable sound of Crossbills but couldn't see the little ........

So we finished our coffee and togged up to go for a walk, as we set out we chatted to a couple of like minded folk, who told us they has seen 2 females yesterday, and had come back to see if they could spot the males today. We decided to walk down to the reservoir and do the circular walk along the river and backup through the wood. We never did see any Crossbills or hear them again, despite staying and having another coffee in the car park. Hopefully next week we will have better luck. We are off up to Scotland for the week, lots of visits to some good sites planned, but who knows might see some good stuff, might see nothing!

The afternoon wasn't wasted though, despite the weather, the walk was great, enjoyed it and will certainly be making this a regular spot to visit. We did see:
On the reservoirs:
Mallard, Goosander, Tufted Duck, Black Headed Gulls (a few now in Summer plumage), Lesser Black Backed Gulls, Coot & Moorhen.

In the trees around the reservoir and River Severn:
Tree Creeper, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Blackbird, Wood Pigeon, Crow &Long Tailed Tit

On the River:
Mandarin Duck (7m, 6f)

Then Back at the Car park:
Great Spotted Woodpecker & Robin

The light was terrible, so although I tried some photos of the Mandarin at high ISO, they were still rubbish. Some half decent Tuftie photos, but not good enough to post up here.

So thanks to Jason  K (Shenstone Birder) for his blog that took us out to this great spot and only half an hour from home.


  1. Good to meet you both yesterday at Eymore Wood. You saw some good species which made up for the lack of Crossbill sightings.

    Enjoy your trip to Scotland and safe travelling. I shall look forward to reading all about it on your Blog!

    1. It was good to meet you too. I have found a place near where we are staying, that has Crossbills in the car park, allegedly!

      I see from your blog that you wander around Lutley. This is something we keep meaning to do, but I haven't found where to star from and how to get to the pools at Wassel Grove. Any advice would be gratefully received.


      P.s. really enjoyed the Sparrowhawk pics where he's having lunch!

  2. Thanks Guys. I'm glad you hd an enjoyable walk at Eymore and Trimpley, it really is a great place. There is always something to see

  3. Well now we'll be hoping to see a Goshawk next visit! (just joking)

  4. Re: Wassell Grove Pools. I only visit the pools not Lutley Tom. The pools are accessed from Wassell Lane but if you do visit please drive down to the Office/cafe and let the proprietors know that you wish to do birdwatching as they really need to know (understandably) who is on their land.