Friday, 20 January 2012

They're Back but Nothing Else Going On!

Its been a really busy week with one thing and another, so I haven't been able to get out for my lunchtime walks, so its a good job that the birds seem to be starting to make a comeback in the Garden. No great numbers but at least they are about.

e.g. When making a drink today and looking over the garden, we had Great Tits, Blue Tits, Dunnock, Robin, House Sparrow, Blackbirds, Wood Pigeon and Magpie, but unusually a single female Chaffinch. It's rare that we get any Chaffinches in the garden, actually I don't see many in the area at all, so I was quite pleased for the visit.

We do have Black Headed Gulls and Grey Heron flying over, they come up from the canal, but only seen the BHGs today though.

So what does the weekend have to offer?  We are going up to Cheshire to visit like minded family, the plan is on Saturday to go to Blackpool for the Starlings, looking forward to that, then on Sunday visit the RSPB reserve on the Dee Estuary. Looking at the RSPB recent sightings for Burton Mere a Spoonbill was reported on the 18th, so if it's still around I will be well chuffed. It would be a first! So fingers crossed for the weekend and that the weather is kind for getting some good photos to add to the next blog.

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