Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sri Lanka - Part 1

We have just returned from a week and a half in Sri Lanka, where we have mixed being poolside with culture and wildlife, so whilst it wasn't a designated birding holiday, we did manage a fair bit. We saw 91 species of birds whilst we were there and 56 of those were from in the Hotel grounds! The majority of the rest came from two afternoon game drives that were included in the holiday.  We probably would have seen more but the lake next to the hotel was dry which was disappointing, but what can you expect with temperatures in the mid 30s and no rain for nearly 6 months! Nobody's fault, I could have a go at 'him upstairs' but had better not as it was fantastic anyway.

We stayed in Habarana which is near to 3 national parks (we only did 2) and also near to 3 World Heritage Sites, the holiday got off to a cracking start as we were being shown to our lodge, we saw a White-throated Kingfisher, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, a Water Monitor and  Wild Elephant in the distance.

Photography wasn't easy, because of the heat there was very little bird activity during the day, we concentrated the wild life side of the holiday to late afternoon, when the temperature dropped, unfortunately the light also went quickly and on most days it became very hazy and overcast as well.

The first day we stopped at a Hotel near Colombo Airport as it was a 5 hour drive to Habarana and after we had freshened up we had a quick walk around the grounds, this resulted in just 8 species and a Fruit Bat which was HUGE!
Greater Flameback

Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat

Common Myna

Ring Necked Parakeet
I forgot to put my camera on charge that night! School boy error! So no photos on day 2 for the trip to Habarana and for the first afternoon.

The highlight on day 3 was an afternoon game drive through the Kaudulla National Park, the objective being wild Elephants, Water Buffalo and whatever birds we could find, we weren't disappointed!

Crested Serpent Eagle

Two Juvenile Brahminy Kites

Great White Egret


Woolly Necked Stork


Gray Headed Fish Eagle

White Browed Fantail

Crested Hawk Eagle (Changeable Hawk Eagle)

Red Wattled Lapwing

Green Bee-eater

Oriental Pipit

Black Winged Stilt

Stilts, Ibis & Egrets

Eurasian Thick Knee (Stone Curlew)

No Caption Required!!

White Bellied Fish Eagles

You can do it!

Home time I think..

Sunset and end of Part 1 .....

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