Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chicken Wednesday!

A strange title for this post but all we become clear!

We planned a walk from Arley to Bewdley along the River Severn. We parked up and set off in nice weather, with plenty of Mallard and Swans to start off with. As is usual this time of year there wasn't much about,  a number of House Martins were hawking around one of the riverside houses.

We stopped for a coffe in a lovely wooded area of the river path, this turned out to be lucky as shortly after the heavens opened, but we didn't get wet, we did see a Wren and Great Tit whilst waiting for the rain to pass.

We carried on a short way ans spotted a pair of Green Woodpeckers (Adult & juvenile) in the fields I then went to take some photos and then realised I had left the SD card in our PC after copying up the Spotted Flycatcher from the weekend and hadn't brought any spares out as it was only a walk. What a plonker! Still it was nice just to watch and enjoy.

A bit further on I had a brief glimpse of a Kingfisher, but Tina missed it, we did find some Mandarin Ducks though taking a rest on a fallen tree in the river.

Now we were only a mile or so from Bewdley when the heavens really opened! we got very wet indeed, this lasted a while but we carried on in our waterproofs, mind you by the time we got around to putting them we were already soaked! eventually the skies cleared and we stopped to get the sodden waterproofs off and have another coffee, meanwhile we had two more Kingfisher sightings (2 birds)

So on to Bewdley where we picked up a Nuthatch in the park just before the town. It took us longer than we thought with rains stops etc. We needed food and the pub I looked up had stopped serving lunch, so off to Wetherspoons for Chicken Wednesday, roast chicken and a pint for £7

We decided to get the train back on the Severn Valley Steam Railway and avoid the ominous cloudsin the distance, adding a Buzzard as we waited on the platform.

So due to my incompetence no pictures in this post!

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