Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Northumberland Pilgrimage - The Farnes

Yes we made it! The wind had dropped so we phoned and all looked good, so we zoomed up to Seahouses, paid for the tickets and waited to get on the boat.
Now here comes the funny bit! The jetty was chaotic with loads of people waiting for different boats it was a bit of a mad house! Anyway us and another couple missed our boat in the confusion! The kind ladies from Billy Shiels sorted us out though, there was a trip leaving to Holy Island and they said they would get us to Inner Farne to hook up with or trip (much to the skippers annoyance we saw!) Anyway we did hook up but not how we thought.. The two boats met up in the middle of the North Sea and we stepped from one boat to the other and we had to step across, providing good entertainment for all on both boats!

So we landed on Inner Farne and what a great day we had:

Just a selection of some of my snaps. What a wonderful place this is..

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