Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Eymore Wood

On Sunday we went out for a few hours for a walk around Eymore Wood and Trimpley Reservoir.

It was all very quiet around the reservoir and river, just a few Mallard, a couple of Cormorant, A few Tufted Duck nothing much to report at all, mind you we didn't expect to see much. The odd Swift put in appearance whilst we had a coffee. We decided to continue the walk along the river and then cut back through the forest to the car park.

Apart from other walkers and taking shelter from a sudden downpour we didn't see a thing. We cut back to the car park and were crossing a field near Huntsfield Cottage when we saw a few birds flittering in the trees, we cautiously went a little closer and had found a family of 3-4 Spotted Flycatchers, a real treat for us, only our second ever sighting. I manged a quick photo before they headed off:
So back to the car with nothing to add other than a busy flight of Goldfinches. Still a lovely afternoon out though.

Next official stop:  The Birdfair at Rutland


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